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CURRENT Initiatives

  • Marketplace for Nature

    We all depend on nature to sustain us – it gives us clean water, clean air, healthy soils, pollination for crops, materials for our homes, medicines, health and wellbeing.

    Mobilising finance to restore health to landscapes and communities in Australia.
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  • Ampliseed

    Ampliseed is an active insights exchange for the change-makers of our time. Curating opportunities for conservation practitioners to connect, learn and amplify ideas for environmental resilience, globally.
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  • Nature Valued Project

    There is a unique opportunity for the UK to take a leadership role in reinforcing the linkage between climate action and the protection of nature by scaling investment into nature-based solutions.

    Mobilising investment in nature-based solutions through harmonising law, policy and finance.
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EMERGING Initiatives

  • Nature Equity

    Investment in nature based climate solutions is accelerating, with growing interest from the private sector. The momentum is exciting, but not without risk. The Nature Equity Project will shine light on fair and equitable pathways towards a nature positive future.
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  • On Country Incubator

    Elevating the rich knowledge within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to activate nature-based climate solutions.
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  • Story Lab

    Harnessing the power of storytelling to harvest and share learnings about transformative change, to support our transition to a future where people and nature thrive.
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